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It is now almost a year since the Covid pandemic has deeply affected our activities and hampered our movements. Myanmar is no exception even though the country has so far managed to contain the spread of the virus to a relatively low level. The daily cases are around 400, steadily decreasing since several weeks ago. This is an encouraging sign, although the country's international airports remain closed and traveling in the provinces is still subject to strict regulations. However, there are positive signs toward the prospect of easing restrictions on travel.

The most famous beaches along the Bay of Bengal are those of Ngapali, very popular with foreign tourists in the south of Arakan State and further south, in the Irrawaddy region, Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha, generally more visited by locals. Along the coastal strip which stretches from Ngapali to Ngwe Saung, further south, there are many other amazing beaches, all pristine and unspoiled, out of the usual tourist beaten paths. Access can be seen as a bit of challenge for the moment, but roads are being under

Arakan Lodge  located in Kanthaya about 3 hours’ drive from Ngapali, is also a great address for a few nights stopover. Arakan Lodge is an Eco Lodge; electricity is supplied by solar panels, the bungalows were built from recycled wood, the sanitary facilities use the technique of dry toilets; the Bungalows are not equipped with air conditioning but have large openings with a view and direct access to the outside, the beach or the coconut trees, and provide good natural ventilation. The beach is just as beautiful as

Ngapali is therefore the most frequented beach in the region by tourists, the majority of them ending their Myanmar tour from Inle Lake or Bagan; Ngapali is accessible directly from Yangon, Heho (Inle Lake) or Bagan; there are also some direct flights from Mandalay. Ngapali is the beach to receive the biggest number of tourists; however the large beach remains far from big crowd with the advantage of offering a large range of good quality hotels. We recommend the Art of Sand,, which offers a nice compromise

This presentation would not be complete without mentioning Thalassa Guesthouse in Gwa. The completely renovated house, which currently has 4 bedrooms, in the center of Gwa offers a stopover that we highly recommend, as well as the warm welcome of her owner, Sandar. Gwa is a strategic point in the itinerary; it is the location where it requires to take the ferry which only operates 4 times a day at a fixed schedule 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 16:00; so depending from where and at what time you arrive, the

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