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Ballooning Over Bagan

This is a unique experience and a “Must” in Bagan! An old vintage bus first comes to pick you up at around five in the morning from your hotel. You then observe the balloon set up preparation for your flight and receive instructions from your pilot. During the flight which lasts approximately 45 minutes, you will be amazed by the magical panoramic view over the temples, the awakening of the villages, the mist to take shape among the stupas and the Irrawaddy River. This exclusive experience is totally safe. The pilots and technicians are British, Spanish or Australian and the balloons are manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace. The place of landing is not fixed in advance, depending of the wind, but no matter where the balloon lands, a breakfast with a glass of champagne awaits you once back to the ground! The hot air balloon company then takes you back to your hotel around 8am.

Biking in Myanmar

You are active and sporty, you want to discover the country differently, cycling is one of your passions, Myanmar is made for you! The still underdeveloped roads network offers many little-known possibilities for discovering the major sites of Myanmar. To name just a few of them, the Shan plateau and its colorful landscapes will provide you many opportunities to bike from Inle Lake via Kalaw and Pindaya to get you closer to authentic and busy local life mostly focus on agriculture.. Bagan, Mandalay or the outskirts of Yangon are other options for a two or three hours bike ride.

Festivals in Myanmar

Myanmar has many festivals and celebrations all around the year. Mostly dates are linked to Buddhism religion and fixed according to full moon days. They attract crowds and are true moments to interact with local people. To name just a few of them, the Paung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, the Myanmar New Year or the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi are three major festivals. To fix your travel dates on a festival event will bring you very special moments to observe how festivals are a great opportunity for the Burmese people to get out of daily life and take part at festive times shared with friends and family…

Ethnic Minorities

Myanmar offers the specificity of welcoming a large number of ethnic groups, more than 130 that make Myanmar people, the most important being the ‘Barmar’ to represent 70% of the total population. Many of the minorities groups are often located in mountain areas, each of them with their own language, traditional customs and clothing. It is relatively easy to meet some of these minorities, in Shan State or in Kayin State where some ethnic groups are present like the Intha, the Pa-O, the Padaung, and Palaung ethnic groups. To meet minorities in isolated regions, is a good chance to observe the cultural and rich diversity of Myanmar; most of them today still follow their ancestral way of life.


M-Ride offers you to explore Burma in Royal Enfield, stylish and solid motorcycles made for Burmese roads. It is a unique and original experience to get closer to the incredible diversity of this country, as much by its landscapes as its ethnic groups, more than 120 that constitute the Myanmar people. To make sure you will fully appreciate this unique experience in Burma, M-Ride has implemented faultless logistics. M-Ride offers many different tours through Myanmar but it is also possible to customize your own itinerary of a few days in a specific region of your choice. The options for itineraries are countless; the Shan State, a hilly region to include Inle and Sagar lakes already offers a large choice for rides. But it is also possible to link Loikaw from Inle Lake or further north, Bagan temples, Mandalay and even Pyin Oo Lwin and Hsipaw.
There are plenty beautiful scenic roads to discover at your own pace and enjoy authentic and unique moments during your ride.

More information on M Ride website or you can contact us at

Remark: Motorcycle license and international license are required.

Travelling With Family

Although Myanmar is a cultural destination, it also offers great fun experiences to share together with the family. Biking, kayaking, cooking a traditional meal, taking a tuk tuk or a trishaw, visiting an elephant camp or exploring Bagan temples by electrical bike are some examples of great discoveries to experience in family. And for young children, we have child seats available for transportation by car.

Treks and Gentle Walking

If you are looking for a soft and slow travel approach, Myanmar provides many options for a trek or a gentle walk. Trekking through the Shan plateau for two or three days around Pindaya or Kalaw mountains are some examples. But it is also possible to do a gentle walking for a couple of hours through Bagan temples, or Yangon downtown to get a different angle of view and get closer to Myanmar daily life, an experience that we highly recommend you. There are many options for a gentle walk wherever you are in Myanmar.

Tailor-Made River Cruise by Local Boat

Rather than taking a « scheduled » cruise, mostly to take place from Bagan to Mandalay, we propose you a more exciting and exclusive experience! By a chartered local boat, let’s cruise downstream along the Irrawaddy river defiles from Bahmo to Mandalay, upper Myanmar. The experience is just unique and amazing! The boat is arranged with simple cabins and equipped with toilets. Meals are taken on the main desk and you can enjoy the scenery from the sun deck; the set-up is simple but decent and clean. Food is fresh and prepared by one of the boat owner family member and with ingredients bought at the market. You will be able to make several stops during the days, take a bike provided onboard, or a tuk tuk and explore local life from villages. Such cruise is totally custom-made, so you can access to remote areas, get closer to people and local environment and enjoy beautiful scenery far from the normal tourist paths! A memorable souvenir we highly recommend traveling with friends or your family to explore remote Myanmar with no rush at your own pace. An experience to enjoy with a spirit of slow travel and alternative way to explore unspoiled areas!

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