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Mrauk Oo also named Myohaung is the former capital of Arakan State established by King Min Saw Mon in 1430. It was quickly developed as an important center for trade and handicrafts with commercial links to Europe and Arabia. Dutch sailors in the 17th century compared the busy city to London or Amsterdam. Mrauk Oo is today a quiet and small city with its people living among a large number of temples and pagodas. Mrauk Oo is one of the most remote and impressive archeological site of Myanmar after Bagan temples. Temples, sceneries, villages and local life are just an amazing experience far from normal tourist paths. Mrauk Oo can only be access only Sittwe along the Kaladan River for about a 6 hours boat trip. The boat ride itself is a delightful experience through the enchanting landscape where modern world seems not to have entered yet.

Shittaung Pagoda

Among the main sights to visit, the Shittaung Pagoda is the most important one. The pagoda name means “The shrine of 80 000 pagodas”. The interior contains in fact 84 000 figures of Buddha. The monument was built within a year in 1535 by King Min Bin after his successful defense against Portuguese invaders.

Andaw Pagoda

Close to Shittaung Pagoda stands the Andaw Pagoda built in 1521 by King Min Hla Raza. It said to contain one of the Buddha’s teeth. The octagonal main temple is surrounded by sixteen smaller round stupas.

Htukkantein Temple

Another highlight is Htukkantein Temple erected in 1571 by Khin Min Phalaung. The monument to look like a fortress has an impressive walkway inside the belt shaped stupa lined with more than one hundred of Buddha statues.

Kothaung Pagoda

Kothaung Pagoda was built in 1553 by King Min Tikkha, son of King Min Din who built the Shitthaung Pagoda to immortalize Buddha 90 000 times. The majority of the images are carved into the walls of a circular walkway at the lower level of the Pagoda.

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