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Bay of Bengal, Thalassa Guesthouse in Gwa

This presentation would not be complete without mentioning Thalassa Guesthouse in Gwa.

The completely renovated house, which currently has 4 bedrooms, in the center of Gwa offers a stopover that we highly recommend, as well as the warm welcome of her owner, Sandar. Gwa is a strategic point in the itinerary; it is the location where it requires to take the ferry which only operates 4 times a day at a fixed schedule 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 16:00; so depending from where and at what time you arrive, the Thalassa guesthouse is an excellent address for a night or two….

Ferry from Gwa to Kalachaung

It is possible to take a bike or rent a small motorbike and explore the surrounding pristine and empty beaches for a day or half a day.

Remote Beach nearby Gwa

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